Class Party Information


As we begin brainstorming fun ways for our kids to celebrate events at school with their teachers, we must highlight a few guidelines that must be adhered to for the health and safety of the students (and also the mental well-being of our teachers!).


Please remember to ask your teacher what sort of activities she/he would like to enjoy as they will be a one-woman/one-man party-hosting machine!




• All edible foods must be store bought and individually packaged as to limit any possibility of contamination. 


• All party supplies must be individually packaged to not only make it as easy for teachers as possible, but also to limit little fingers from touching supplies that aren’t theirs. Think zip-loc bags with a party craft or bingo cards/markers, etc. Please ensure you are practicing safe handling of all items within your home (i.e. hand washing prior to handling). 


• All supplies should be sent in with your child. Supplies that your child cannot carry shall be dropped off at the office via contactless drop-off into the large tubs outside of the office. Therefore, please label EVERYTHING.


• Please refrain from elaborate decorations or party set-up. Remember we want to make this easy for our teachers. 


• Most importantly, please work directly with your child's teacher to plan an easy and fun party for our kids!


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