Arizona Tax Credit



One of Hopi's most substantial, ongoing sources of additional funding for special programs, events, and student support comes from Arizona state tax payers like you, and the Arizona state income tax credit program. Here are six reasons you should consider making a tax credit contribution to Hopi:

1. It’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the state taxes you pay. You make a $100 contribution and claim $100 on your state income taxes.

2. There is NO MINIMUM contribution amount. Every dollar helps make Hopi happen!


3. Claim up to $200 for individual filers or $400 for married filers for contributions to Hopi. 


4. You can contribute using cash, check or credit card. (Checks can be made out directly to Hopi Elementary, and sent directly to the school). 


5. Contributions received by April 15, 2023, can be claimed on your 2022 -OR- 2023 Arizona state tax return.


6. Tax credit funds subsidize tutoring, field trips, the Impact recess program, Variety Show venue fees and decorations, and more.


Check out our Tax Credit FAQs here.


Check out this short video for a helpful overview of how the program works.