The Hopi Variety Show






Save the Date: March 9-10, 2023


New to Hopi? Here's everything you need to know about the Variety Show:


The Hopi Variety Show is unlike any other talent show around! Perhaps one of our favorite Hopi Traditions, the Variety Show started in the 1980’s initially being run by the Hopi staff and was performed in the cafeteria. The show has grown in popularity and was eventually taken over and run by the Hopi PTA. As the Variety Show has grown in popularity, it is now held in the Arcadia High School Auditorium and the AHS theater students lend their technical help.  Each year, the show has a theme such as “Hopi TV,” “Hopi, An Arcadia Musical,” and “Hopi, The Greatest Show.” Last year’s theme was “Hopi World Tour!”  Click here to watch the 2022 launch video!


A parent or a group of parents gather together a group of kids, usually kids in the same grade, and will put together acts. Acts can be anything such as dancing, singing, piano solos, guitar solos, comedy acts, skits, and gymnastics routines! We encourage parent reps to get creative!  Almost anything goes!  Each act is allowed around 2 minutes depending on how many kids are in the act. Acts of 9 or more must be at or under two minutes in length. Acts of 8 or fewer need to be at or under 1 min 30 sec. Acts with 1-3 participants need to be at or under 1 min. The whole show lasts about 2 hours and ranges from 28-40 acts! There are almost 400 children who participate! If you have any trouble finding a group for your child, please contact any member of the Variety Show committee! We are always here to help!


Each act is introduced with a mini skit by a group of 5th grade MC’s. Any 5th grader can try out for an opportunity to be an MC. Usually 50-60 kids try out, but there are only between 10-12 spots, so the competition is tough. This group is usually made up of equal numbers of girls and boys. Those kids who try out but don’t make it to be an MC, are HIGHLY encouraged to still participate in an act! This is their big year! The MC acts give the next group time to set up and keep the audience entertained throughout the entire show.


Some acts will require props! Please keep these props to the size that they can easily fit in the back of an SUV. We have had props like pirate ships, pizza parlors, Flintstones cars, magic boxes, and ghosts! Get creative!


The kids love watching the show! They all look forward to the teachers act!


The Variety Show has become one of Hopi’s longest standing traditions. It’s a wonderful event, and we have seen it change children’s lives. There is nothing else like it! Please consider forming a group and joining in on the fun!