Click on your student's teacher to volunteer to be a room parent, Art Masterpiece volunteer, garden volunteer, holiday care drive class coordinator, Hawktion classroom baskets coordinator, class blue pot helper, bulletin board helper, and lots more!


Callie Underwood
Lisa Domini
Livia Rice
Nicole Packer

Sarah Van Parys


1st Grade
Amy Parker
Katie Whitworth
Nann Horton

Lorissa Knight


2nd Grade
Allison Bosworth
Deana Christee

Jacqueline Comerford
Jennifer Fox


3rd Grade
Courtney Wilson
Kelsey Wolf
Whitney Keeler

Barbara Christensen

Jessica Epley


4th Grade
Alison Bunde
Dave Hanlon
Emily Deck
Laura Yarkosky
Molly Pont-Brown
Shelby McHenry


5th Grade
Andy Banister
Debbie Voris
Diana Bode
Justin Blacksher
Laura Mitchell


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