The Hopi Good News Network




BREAKING NEWS…Hopi Launches the Hopi Good News Network! 


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No Bingo Night? No Hullabaloo? Not even a Variety Show? 


Hopi Hawks have been facing some pretty tough news lately. Time for GOOD news! The Hopi PTA is excited to launch Hopi’s very own “Good News Network” where Hopi Hawks are the stars and Hopi families ARE the good news! For decades, the Variety Show has showcased amazing Hopi kids who make audiences smile. Why stop now? This year, we want students to use their talents and turn their “acts for the show”...into “acts of kindness” instead, bringing smiles to audiences who need some really good news! 


Let’s use the talents of the Hopi Community for good! Grab your families, a Hopi Good News Network t-shirt, and come up with ways to serve creatively. You could sing or dance outside of an assisted living center, you could create artwork for a lonely neighbor, or you could collect hygiene kits for the homeless. The sky’s the limit!


Ready for more breaking news?  Every serious news network needs a legitimate news broadcast! HGNN will be collecting your video footage and/or pictures (see below for details.)  We want to showcase the “good news” our Hawks are bringing to the world around them in a really BIG WAY! You will definitely want to be a part of this! 

So now it’s up to you Hopi Hawks! Hopi Serves...Get in on the ACT! HGNN is officially… LIVE!  

Some “newsworthy” facts:

• Never participated in a Variety Show?  Enrolled in SOL or EDL? Don’t worry! Everyone can participate and serve!

• This year, your “group” is your family! Include parents and siblings who don’t even go to Hopi! Serve together!

• HGNN will be collecting photos and/or short video clips of your “acts” of kindness to be used in our very own news broadcast.

• Video clips should be NO LONGER than 30 seconds, and video footage will then be edited by HGNN.

• If you are a 5th grader who was looking forward to being an MC in the Variety Show, don’t worry! There will be something special for you! Details to come on  January 8th.  But for now, just serve!

• Remember no “act” is too small!  Get creative, and think outside the box!  And if nothing comes to you, feel free to email for an idea! We have plenty to share.

• Bring the resources and talents that you would normally bring to the Variety Show, and turn them outward!  Hopi Hawks…. BE the good news the world needs right now! 
• Still have questions?  Let’s talk! Join us for a question and answer Zoom call on Wednesday, Dec. 9th at 9:00am.

Meeting ID: 986 5225 2935
Passcode: 965702



Grab a HGNN t-shirt to wear while you serve!
Shirts are available here. Shirts are optional, but they sure do make for a cute photo opp!
• GOOD NEWS! If you pre-order your shirt before December 9th, shirts are free for EVERY member of your immediate family who joins in on the ACT!
• Pre-ordered shirts will be delivered to your student by December 18th.
Even if you aren't sure right now what your “act” will be, we HIGHLY encourage a pre-order so your shirt is ready when you are!
• If you miss the December 9th order date, another shirt order will be placed after Winter Break, however, they may not be free… so PLEASE preorder! :)

Where and how do I submit my photos/videos?

• Submissions are due no later than (UPDATED) February 8, 2021.  However, the sooner the better!!  You can start submitting TODAY! 

• In order to submit your content, please fill out this questionnaire which will ask you for brief information about your service.

• Once form is complete, photo/video submission instructions will automatically be sent to you. 

Timeline recap

• Dec. 4th - HGNN is Live! 

• Dec. 4th - T-shirt order forms are live
• Dec. 9th - 9:00am Zoom question and answer meeting

• Dec. 9th - LAST DAY to preorder t-shirts (PLEASE preorder!)

• Dec. 18th - T-shirt distribution to kids through classes

• Jan. 8th - Fifth grade information goes out via email

• Jan. 8th - LAST DAY to order t-shirts

• Jan. 15th - Second t-shirt distribution to kids through classes

• UPDATED: Feb. 8th-  LAST DAY to submit photo and video content




Get your t-shirt here


Fill out the Service Project Questionnaire here (this is how you get the info where to submit your photos and videos)